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We’re getting ready for the NDIS

Partners In Recovery NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is due to begin roll out across our Sunshine Coast and Gympie region Jan 1st, 2019 – we are lucky last. That means we can learn a lot from other regions on what to expect and how to make it work best.

The PIR team are aiming to keep our community, participants, partners and eNews readers up to date on NDIS materials as we receive them.

The NDIS have released a handy fact sheet on Psychosocial Disability and recovery with the NDIS. You can download the fact sheet here.

MIFQ have created a fantastic website resource for people living with a mental illness called NDIS MI Way.

This resource seeks to support and empower individuals with knowledge, confidence and choice as the NDIS rolls out in QLD. On the website you’ll find the latest research, media releases and contact details where you can ask questions and find out more.